UIYB Spring Concert 2022
Midsummer Night's Dream

Audition Schedule
Pre-ballet through Level 2 
Saturday, February 26, 2022

Gym Studio Studio E103 Media Classroom

Level 2A 
2:30-3:20 (Leigh)

Saturday 9:00am Pre-ballet class
2:30-3:00 (Rowan)

3:00 Pre Ballet (Rowan) measurements

Level 2B
3:25-4:15 (Ashley)

Thursday 4:45pm Pre-ballet class &
Saturday 10:30am Pre-ballet class
3:05-3:35 (Jacinta)
3:20 2A measurements
Level 1A
4:20-5:00 (Jacinta)
Level 1B
3:40-4:25 (Kara)
3:35 Pre Ballet (Jacinta) measurements
    4:15 2B measurements
    4:25 1B measurements
    5:00 1A measurements

After the audition all performers should go to the Media Classroom for measurements. 
Parents, please consider that the whole process of audition and measurements will take up to an hour.