Summer Dance Intensive

dance intensiveEach year, the UIYB holds a week-long summer intensive in the University of Iowa's Department of Dance, Halsey Hall (UI Campus). The Dance Intensive is offered for students at an intermediate level ages 10-17, and registration is limited to 25 students on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Week-long summer children's ballet workshops are available here for children ages 5-10.

The UIYB school is year-round and while the week-long Dance Intensive and Children's Workshops happen during the day, the six-week summer semester continues as usual evenings and on Saturdays.

Summer Dance Intensive Daily Schedule

Intermediate Ballet Class

1.5 hours. Class will begins with exercises at the ballet barre, followed by center combinations, progressions across the floor, and then typically end with a stretch and reverence. The goals for all students in this class are increased strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Class size and levels of participants will determine if two levels are needed. Class on day one will be a placement class for the week.


1.5 hours. Students in this class with be taught selected small group choreography from classical Ballet variations.

Dance Appreciation

1 hour. This class will feature selected video clips of dance as art, entertainment, and as part of the human experience. The class will be an overview of a variety of styles of movement with time given for discussion.

Contemporary Modern

1.5 hours. Students will enjoy studying a style of dance that blends modern, ballet, and creative movement.


1 hour. A fast paced energizing class designed to explore the variety of forms of jazz styles. From theatrical to contemporary, this class will emphasize isolation, suspension, turns, and leap combinations.

Summer Dance Intensive Dress Code

Ballet: Females - pink tights, pink ballet slippers, and a black leotard. No skirts and
no warm ups. Hair pulled tightly off the face and neck.
Males - white T-shirt, black leggings, and black ballet slippers

Variations: Skirts may be added to leotard.

Modern: Leotard, dance pants, bare feet.

Jazz: Dance pants, t-shirt, jazz sneakers

Dance Appreciation: Notebook and pen.