Information for Performers

Parents and students interested in performing: The Blue Information Sheet and Yellow Performance Agreement will be available online early in spring semester. Completed contracts and payments must be turned in by the audition, February 3, 2018 2:30-4:00. 

Background Information

At the UI Youth Ballet all rehearsals are separate from technique classes. Keeping performance activities separate allows us to focus on providing the higest level of technical instruction during class time.

Policy Reminders for Performers

While all students are welcome to attend any Youth Ballet class that is appropriate for their skill level, the UI Youth Ballet holds performing students to higher expectations for attendance than other dancers.

For participation in UI Youth Ballet and Community Dance School concert, students must be attending the recommended number of weekly technique classes through the UI Youth Ballet.


Ballet level 1A and 1B, and Jazz/Tap – technique once a week

Ballet level 2A and 2B – ballet technique twice a week

Ballet level 3 – ballet technique three times a week

Ballet level 4 – UIYB dance technique four or more times a week (level 3 optional additions), three or more of which must be ballet technique. The fourth class may be from one of the following: pointe, pre-pointe, or modern.

Ballet level 5 – UI dance technique five or more times a week, four of which must be ballet technique with either UI Youth Ballet or by enrolling in UI undergraduate Major's Ballet classes. Level 5 students are encouraged to take additional classes such as pointe or modern.