Youth Dress Code

Students must adhere to a special dress code. All Youth Ballet leotards are Capezio style number: SE1012W T. Uniforms are also available at the National Dance Academy Store with locations in both Iowa City and Coralville. Store hours vary, and we recommend calling in advance if you are going to visit in person.

Wee Dance & Creative Movement

Dance clothes such as leotards and tights of any color, or any loose fitting clothes such as shorts and t-shirts. Students may wear socks, ballet slippers, or be bare-footed.


  • Females must wear hair in a bun, pink tights, leotard and pink ballet slippers.
  • Leotard colors for each level of ballet: Capezio style number: SE1012W T
    • Pre-Ballet: Ballet Pink
    • Ballet I A: Lavender
    • Ballet I B: Light Blue
    • Ballet II A: Burgundy
    • Ballet II B: Burgundy
    • Ballet III: Aubergine
    • Ballet IV: Indigo
    • Ballet V: Black
  • Male students are required to wear black leggings or form-fitting shorts, fitted white t-shirt (plain) or leotard, dance briefs or dance belt (depending on age), white socks, and black ballet shoes.
  • All dancers must have long hair pulled back from the face, and ballet students must wear hair in a bun. No excess jewelry or skirts are allowed in Youth Ballet classes.

Tap and Jazz students should ask their instructor for the class dress code. Hair must be secured before every class.

Modern students must come to class in form-fitting and comfortable clothing with bare feet.