Children's Program (Ages 2-6)

Creative movement and ballet fundamentals for young students are tailored to meet the developmental needs of children according to their age.  Kathryn Smith developed the progressive curriculum for this program, and the syllabus introduces students to basic movement exploration and develops into the more structured study of classical ballet.  Creativity is emphasized to encourage the artistic exploration of movement and allow the child's natural talent and skills to be discovered.

Class level is determined by the child's age on September 1 of each year.

  • Wee Dance: Age 2-3 (Required adult participation of one parent or legal guardian)
  • Creative Movement I: Age 4
  • Creative Movement II: Age 5
  • Creative Movement III: Age 6
  • Pre-Ballet: Age 6

Ballet Program

Complete classical ballet curriculum is offered for students ages 7 and up.  The curriculum focuses on proper skeletal alignment, posture, strength, and stretch of the legs and feet, fluid arm carriage, flexibility and musicality.

Teen & Adult Classes

We offer the unique opportunity for teens and adults to begin or continue their dance training in an environment that encourages them to be challenged and explore their movement potential. Classes include Adult Beginner and Adult Intermediate levels in ballet, modern, jazz, and body conditioning.  Full year or semester enrollment options.  Pre-registration is required.


This 60-minute dance class allows the student to take technique and movement skills to explore spatial awareness, rhythm, and dynamics in an atmosphere that encourages the dancer’s own creativity to be awakened.


The jazz program is geared for teens and adults.  It incorporates popular hip-hop dance with more traditional musical theater style jazz to guide the students in a variety of dance combinations that develop rhythm, musicality, and flair.

Body Conditioning

This is a full-body conditioning strength and flexibility workout class.  Most of the workout focuses on the abdominals and lower body (thighs, calves, buttocks), with exercises that ballet dancers use to strengthen and lengthen their muscles and condition their core.

See brochure with full schedule and fees for current classes.

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Teen & Adult Classes

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