Ballet study is progressive, built upon careful repetition of movements. It is in the systematic repetition of exercises that the body begins to develop strength and fluidity.  Not unlike other athletic disciplines, desired mastery of movement is sought through multiple practice sessions. We strongly recommend multiple ballet technique classes per week as a proven method for achievement in ballet.

Recommended Number of Classes by Level

Level Recommended
number of UIYB classes per week
additional classes
Pre-Ballet One -
Ballet 1A One -
Ballet 1B One -
Ballet 2A Two Level 1B
Ballet 2B Two Level 2A
Ballet 3 Three Level 2B
Ballet 4 Four minimum, plus optional pointe Level 3
Ballet 5 Five minimum, plus optional pointe Level 4

Makeup Classes

Students have the additional option of taking class at the same or a lower level when space permits and when requested in advance. Makeups are allowed up to two times per person per semester (once during the shorter summer session).

Reach out to so a staff member can offer options or approve a makeup class. This step is important so our office can inform the instructors to expect an additional student. 

Late Arrival

If a student is more than ten minutes late, they will be asked to observe the class. This is a UI Dance Department policy to avoid injury.


When the student has mentally understood the ballet technique concepts and when the students’ body has become strong enough to accomplish those movements, then, at the discretion of the instructor, the student is moved to the next level. In this way, the student begins to assimilate the layers of knowledge that form the foundation of ballet. Indeed, the primary levels are some of the most important levels and should not be rushed.