Wee Dance & Creative Movement

Dance clothes, such as leotards and tights (footless) of any color, or other clothes that allow for movement, such as shorts and t-shirts. Children in these levels dance barefoot.

It is imperative for neuromuscular learning that young children dance in bare feet. If part of what brings your child joy about coming to dance class is wearing adorable slippers, please make wearing their special shoes on the way to dance class part of your family's ritual of preparation.  

Youth Ballet

View the required dress code for Pre-Ballet - Level 5 students at this link: 

Dress Code 2023/2024

The linked PDF updated January 24, 2024 to add an additional option for a sold-out item.

All dancers must have long hair pulled back from the face, and ballet students must wear hair in a bun or a similarly secure style. No excess jewelry is allowed in Youth Ballet classes. Ballet skirts are allowed for upper-level pointe students.

The program cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items, so stow valuables with care before class. 


Adult dance students don't have to wear a uniform, but we do provide guidance. 

For dancing classes to go best, please remember to wear clothes that are comfortable for movement, form-fitting to the extent to which you are comfortable, and refrain from fragranced products. Avoiding fabric softeners helps prevent dangerous slick spots from forming where dancers sit or lie on the floor to warm up.

Jewelry can be dangerous in movement classes, and should come off whenever possible. Please remember that the program cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items, so stow valuables with care before class. 

Youth Ballet Pointe Shoe Guidance

For new students being advanced to pointework, your instructors have asked that you read these documents carefully. They will not replace conversations with your teachers but they have important information to set you up for success. Please work through these materials and don't hesitate to ask questions. 

A guide to buying your first pair of pointe shoes (updated Sept 22, 2022)

Directions for sewing your pointe shoes