UI Youth Ballet Ensemble is a repertory group available to students fully enrolled in Levels 3-5. 

Ensemble prepares students for the discipline and rehearsal techniques required within a college dance program or professional company. Membership year-round provides opportunities for level 3-5 students to broaden their dance vocabulary through a rehearsal mix of classical ballet, contemporary ballet, and modern dance. 

Fall Semester

Each fall, the Youth Ballet Ensemble learns different repertory works from regular technique teachers and additional choreographers, typically rehearsing for two hours on Saturday afternoons and some evenings. This prepares students to practice large amounts of choreography in the spring, keeping their memories sharp all year. Student work culminates into an open rehearsal with family and friends invited to attend.

Spring Semester

Each spring, Ensemble members rehearse for prominent roles in the annual Spring Concert. Level 3 rehearses for two hours on Saturday afternoons. Ensemble members in Level 4, Level 5, Modern, and Pointe add additional rehearsals on weeknights and Saturdays. Level 4 and 5 graduating seniors have the added opportunity to rehearse and perform a featured senior dance.

Who Can Join the Youth Ballet Ensemble?

Dancers fully enrolled in levels 3-5 may sign up for Ensemble. Students with class scheduling conflicts must contact dnc-communitydance@uiowa.edu to make a plan for meeting the weekly class requirement. The absolute minimum is UIYB class four or more times each week, three or more of which must be ballet technique. Excellent attendance is required.