Joan Gonwa, MA, CMA

Children's Dance Instructor
RelaXercise Instructor

Joan Gonwa, MA, CMA, BFA is a Contemporary Modern Dancer, choreographer, performer, educator in dance and wellness, Certified Movement Analyst (CMA), and specialist in children's Creative Dance. She has a BFA in Modern Dance and Dance Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; an MA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah; and a CMA degree from the Laban Institute of  Movement Studies, New York City with degree work done at the University of New Mexico. She has taught, presented her research and performed with several dance companies and as a solo artist in many regions of the United States.

Since moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1993, she has taught and performed at Santa Fe Community College, Eastern NM University, Dance Theatre Southwest, Central Community College of New Mexico and the University of New Mexico.  She was co-creator of and teacher-mentor in the Minds on the Move creative dance (kinesthetic learning) program, Albuquerque Public schools. Creatively, she is interested in the varying rhythms of life. She finds Dance/Movement education healthy, exciting, and relevant for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Currently, she is teaching at the University of Iowa as an Assistant Professor in the performing arts and as an instructor in University College and the University of Iowa Youth Ballet. 

She has choreographed/performed in the Iowa State Dance Festivals/Concerts each spring since 2009, before returning home and teaching at the University of New Mexico and Dance Theatre Southwest every summer.

Joan Gonwa stands smiling against a brick background of Halsey Hall