The annual spring concert performing opportunity is open to dancers in Creative Movement 3, Pre-Ballet, and Levels 1-2 who maintain consistent attendance in their technique class. Dancers in Levels 3-5 may perform in the concert as members of the Youth Ballet Ensemble. The spring concert is often held the second weekend of May, but more specifically follows the UI Academic Calendar to fall at the end of Finals Week.

All UIYB rehearsals are separate from technique classes. Creative Movement 3, Pre-ballet, Levels 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B begin rehearsal approximately eight weeks before the concert date. Levels 3, 4, and 5 students in Youth Ballet Ensemble rehearse for the entire academic year.

To qualify for performance, a student must be in regular attendance in their respective technique classes, attending the recommended number of classes per week during the fall and spring semesters, and is expected to participate in summer and interim sessions. (See Information for Performers). In addition, the student must not miss too many rehearsals (no more than 1 for half-semester rehearsals periods, or 2 for full-semester rehearsals), must attend all scheduled rehearsals during tech week, and must take part in all performances. If unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent a student from keeping a rehearsal or performance commitment, contact the UIYB office immediately.

Costumes are provided by UIYB, however, dancers are responsible for the costumes while they are wearing them. Tights and shoes: Dancers must provide their own tights, undergarments, and shoes. Specific color and style requirements will be communicated each year. 

Dancers should attend all rehearsals and performances wearing their regular dancewear according to the dress code.

Students should not sit, eat, or drink while in costume. 

For full details, please reference the current semester's Performance Agreement included in the online registration process. The number of classes each level should take per week is outlined in Information for Performers section of our website.