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Performers in the Spring Concert and their families agree to the following expectations:


  1. Attend and participate fully in the required number of weekly UIYB classes, according to the current policy published on the UIYB website.
  2. Make up missed technique classes by attending another UIYB class (any class at the same or lower level). More than two missed classes in the spring semester without make ups are not allowed.
  3. Attend and participate fully (in proper dress with hair tied) in all scheduled rehearsals.
  4. Supply and maintain the correct shoes, tights, and undergarments.
  5. Attend every rehearsal scheduled in the theater the theater during production week (“tech week”).
  6. Perform in ALL concerts.
  7. Report student illness or injuries to Dnc-CommunityDance@uiowa.edu, teachers, and choreographers promptly.
  8. If emergency circumstances arise that cause an absence of a rehearsal or performance commitment, immediately contact Dnc-CommunityDance@uiowa.edu
  9. All rehearsals in the studios are closed to observers. Rehearsals in the theater are closed to observers beginning on Monday of Production Week. 
  10. No personal photographs or videos may be taken during rehearsals or performances except for the purpose of rehearsal practice. Rehearsal videos may not be published to any online public platform.
  11. A professional performance video will be made available to families following the concert. Public distribution of the performance video is not allowed. 
  12. Participation in this performance includes granting permission for the dancer’s photograph to be used for University of Iowa publicity and marketing purposes. 
  13. Participation in this performance includes granting permission for the dancer’s name to be published in the program.
  14. No refunds of performance fees after the second rehearsal, regardless of the reason for withdrawal.

Violation of this agreement may result in the removal of a student from a portion or all of the performance, and will affect a student’s future performance opportunities.