Policy on Photography, Videography, and Electronic Devices

Taking photographs or videos during production week in Space Place Theater is strictly prohibited. Please turn off and put away your cameras and phones when you find your seat and leave them there until you exit the theater. Texting or checking a phone during the concert (even in the pause between pieces) is disruptive to others in the audience. Please do not use any device that emits light or sound (such as a touch screen or smartwatch) while in the theater. If it becomes a problem the House Manager will need to confiscate the device or escort the person with the device out of the theater. NOTE: The exception to this rule is after the 2:00 PM show, when we invite students to enter the space in front of the curtain in their costumes for pictures with parents, teachers, or other guests. 

No Guests Backstage or In Classrooms

It is important that the UIYB students maintain a sense of calm and focus backstage before and after the performance. While it is a lovely tradition for friends and family to bring flowers, cards, or words of encouragement to the concert, in-person deliveries to the classrooms are not allowed. After the concert in the hallway outside the entrance to the theater (after dancers have changed out of their costumes) is the best time and place to friends to find dancers and share congratulations. Only staff and family volunteers are allowed backstage and in classrooms.

Rehearsal Observation

Family volunteers are invited to watch the first dress rehearsal in the theater. Personal photography and recording of the dress rehearsal are not allowed. All other rehearsals are closed to family members.