We offer the unique opportunity for teens (recommended 15 and up) and adults to begin or continue their dance training in an environment that challenges and encourages them to explore their movement potential.

Adult Class Descriptions

Adult Ballet: Absolute Beginner Level

with Jason Schadt 

For dancers in their first full year of weekly ballet training. Students with more experience are encouraged to observe the Continuing Beginner level to asses their readiness. Experienced dancers are welcome to take Absolute Beginner Ballet if it better suits their personal goals.

Drawing on his background in dance kinesiology and classical ballet pedagogy, instructor Jason Schadt designs classes specifically for adult learners. Mr. Schadt brings a contemporary approach to richly musical classical exercises, illuminating the muscular engagement and alignment that bring about ballet movement in the body. Working from the inside out in this way, students do not merely recite the shapes and steps of ballet, but practice how to execute exercises with accuracy adhering to sound principles of anatomy and pure classical style.

Class typically begins with floor barre (often barefoot), where students practice exercises designed to locate and strengthen the muscles of the inner thighs, abdomen, and pelvic floor, as well as the intrinsic muscles of the feet.  Then, in exercises standing at the barre and center, students work to apply these principles to their movement in the ballet vocabulary while dancing to music carefully selected to bring out the essential character of the step or action. 

Adult Ballet: Continuing Beginner Level

with Jason Schadt 

For dancers at least in their second year of ballet training (recommended at least 32-38 recent classes of experience) through intermediate level. Experienced dancers are welcome to take this class if it suits their goals. Many students have been in this Saturday class for multiple years. 

Class structure follows the description in Absolute Beginner Ballet class description above, but with the expectation of greater experience and among the students and readiness to more consistently apply the fundamentals of technique. 

Adult Ballet: Intermediate Level

For Intermediate level students (or previously Advanced students returning to ballet) with a solid foundation in ballet already in place, this ninety minute class has a similar structure as traditional ballet class for children: barre to warm up and center to move. Instruction is designed with adult learners in mind. Class may be more aerobic than introductory levels, with fewer stops so that muscles stay warm. Ballet provides a great workout, with lasting benefits of toning, lengthening, and stretching.

Modern Dance: Open Level

Warm-up, center, and across the floor exercises in the fundamentals of modern dance technique with modifications for experienced dancers. Class is typically mixed level, including beginning- to intermediate- teens and adults, and advanced ballet dancers seeking to expand their understanding of other techniques.

Body Conditioning for Dance

New in Fall 2022.

Welcoming beginning and experienced movers. 

This class will be working students on how to strengthen and condition their body for technique classes. We will be focusing on different exercises, stretches and conditioning tactics to assist with body strength. 

Stretch and Flow

Welcoming beginning and experienced movers.

Stretch and Flow is a class designed for anyone and everyone interested in improving flexibility, mindfulness, and building a mind-muscle connection. The class will use elements of yoga, Pilates, and meditation to teach useful strategies to target injury prevention, flexibility, recovery, and warm up/cooldowns for exercise. 


RelaXercise is a class in thorough, somatic-based exercise for strength and flexibility, in coordination with full body breathing techniques and relaxation methods to facilitate stress reduction; individualized, efficient movement; renewal of positive energy and body-mind integration.

The classes progress sequentially toward more challenging concepts, repetitions, and patterns of movement/exercises throughout the semester – thereby addressing the conditioning needs of dancers, other performing artists, athletes, and community members at large. A period of guided imagery relaxation will end each class. People of all ages, regardless of experience or acquired skills, are welcome and will benefit from this class as they work at their own pace and for their desired overall fitness goals.

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